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Advice for landlords

Whether you are a small investor with a single property or the owner of multiple properties, you want to know that your assets are being looked after by your property manager as if it was their own property.

At Brentmore Realty your property is managed by mature and responsible people with decades of property management experience and more importantly the people and life skills to navigate the multitude of different people and the issues that may arise in managing a property.

It is simply too risky to hand over your property to people that lack that expertise as it invariably ends up with constant tenant issues resulting in stress for everyone and lost money for the landlord.

No investment property is the same, no tenant is the same and things must be done right with each one.

Before the property is rented, we will advise you on how the property needs to be prepared for a problem free tenancy and give you an honest assessment of its rental value.

Tenant selection is crucial and we pride ourselves on our history of success in this area.

Our aim is to provide a service that is efficient, stress free and professional for both the landlord and the tenant, to ensure maximum returns for the landlord and a stress-free living experience for the tenant ensuring a good outcome for everyone.

It’s this way of managing properties that has seen us grow by word of mouth and people trying us with one property, then having us manage their entire portfolios.

You can call the office for an obligation free visit to discuss your needs or current situation.

How much is your property worth?

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