The Bunnings Way of doing business.

The Bunnings Way of doing business.

The Bunnings Way of doing business.

POSTED BY Pat Cirillo ON 01 Jun 2018

I have always been impressed with the way Bunnings do business and its a model for anyone contemplating setting up a successful business.

Firstly and the most impressive is their staff. Ask anyone about any product in the store and they instantly know where it is.

Next they have an excellent knowledge about the product and if its something that's a bit more specialised, they know just who to ask who will then blow you away with their level of expertise.

Secondly they stock what people want and at very competitive prices. If you think back at Masters, their merchandise had it would have been funny had their dopey management not caused a disaster in the working lives of so many staff.

Thirdly and get this, with Bunnings if you had a return even without your docket, they will honour it with a credit note and with a smile.

Furthermore, should you forget, loose or not use that credit note within a year, they will mail you a reminder with a copy of the credit note (with no time limit) for you use.


When companies do that, they should be applauded. 10/10