Get offline and experience reality.

Get offline and experience reality.

Get offline and experience reality.

POSTED BY Pat Cirillo ON 20 Jun 2018

Online marketing of properties in the digital age can be a visual feast and the very nature of marketing is to enhance the great things and not show anything that may limit interest in a property.

Now while it would be very counter-productive for a property for the marketing to be skewed or misleading, any photo or video production of any property can never truly capture a property’s scale, feel, flow, ambience or how it blends with its surroundings.

Therefore, buyers must visit a property in person to get a true perspective of its suitability. Photos and plans should only be used to qualify a property in terms of its feature, size and location. You could start to get a feel for what an area may offer before you seriously start looking, however when it’s time to get serious about buying you need to get into the real world and personally visit homes that suit your basic criteria.

Not only will you judge the home properly but the experience of visiting several homes will expand your horizons and understanding of properties in an area far better than any internet analysing.

This may sound like its stating the obvious but while waiting for the perfect home online, buyers can very easily miss out on excellent properties because they were misjudged by their online presence. 

A home may not have a fancy video, yet it may be the best home available at the time and armchair internet buyers will never know it!

As with anything, the doers (those that manage to leave their computer screen and do things) will be the winning buyers.